This blog post is not about New Age techniques of grounding or earthing such as being barefoot directly on the ground.

To me, being ungrounded means that one is out of touch with practical living and practical reality. Although ungroundedness seems primarily in the mind, there must be an accompanying physiology. My hunch is that there are unhealthy changes in neurotransmitters.

Meditation, prayer, and other spiritual practices are not in the realm of practical reality so if done in excess, they tend to make one ungrounded.

Similarly, thinking about spiritual matters in excess can make one ungrounded.

A strong yearning for spiritual goals escalates ungroundedness.

Being ungrounded can both be a cause and a result of impractical spiritual priorities.

When a seeker has faith, due to the insistence or recommendation of their teaching, they are likely to remain regular in the spiritual practices. However, faith is, in actuality, a spiritual practice by itself. Faith changes one’s mindset on the nature of life and makes one more ungrounded.

Being ungrounded can be a significant health risk. I believe that being overly-involved in spiritual practices and/or spiritual thinking puts us out of step with mankind’s evolutionary adaptations. Just as we aren’t adapted to sit inside all day long eating Twinkies in artificial light, we aren’t well-suited for long periods of meditation, devotion, religious thinking, or having an obsession with enlightenment.

In my case, I was able to run a business while being ungrounded, but I continued to do things that worsened my ungroundedness. I spent about 3 hours per day in spiritual practices. I chose to greatly increase my consumption of raw food, and I chose to do things like fasting and detoxing to deepen my meditation experiences. I became more and more ungrounded until something snapped. TA-DA! I was beyond mild ungroundedness into the manic delusion of a kundalini crisis.

My ungroundedness became super-extreme during my kundalini crisis, but there can be detriment in even small degrees of ungroundedness. I think ungroundedness hurts emotional stability, decision making, and health. And being ungrounded certainly limits success in society.

God-intoxicated people are obviously so ungrounded that they can’t function like a normal person, but even a little bit of ungroundedness will affect thinking, emotions, and physical health.

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