Communications from God

When someone claims that God spoke to him or her, listeners can have polar opposite reactions. Some will think that the person is seriously deluded, while others will think that the person is a highly evolved spiritual person who can help others find God.

During my kundalini crisis, I felt that many mysteries of life were unveiled to me. My thoughts during my kundalini crisis were so powerful and intense that I had no doubt (at that time) about the truth of my realizations. Although I never heard God’s booming voice during my kundalini crisis, I felt that there were messages from God. Now that 27 years have passed since my kundalini crisis, I believe that I was severely deluded during my kundalini crisis.

Based on my experience, I propose and extrapolate that others who think that God has spoken to them have also been having grandiose delusions. This was the gist of my post on Guru Maniacs.

Some spiritual seekers are inclined to accept what a guru says if the guru says the message came from God.

People are attracted to Guru Maniacs who claim messages from God because:

  • people are captivated by the charisma and eloquence of a Guru Maniac
  • the Guru Maniac has an ability to articulate God’s message in a way to enhance his own stature
  • the Guru Maniac wholeheartedly believes that God spoke to them and even the Guru Maniac doesn’t know that he himself is deluded
  • the Guru Maniac is putting on a show when he speaks and the Guru Maniac is capable of showing or hiding different aspects of his personality
  • followers of Guru Maniacs have peak experiences, kriyas, and mystical experiences which convince them that the Guru Maniac knows what he is doing.

In 1959, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi gave a talk about his conversation with Mother Divine. The transcript of this talk is at and also at .

After the Science of Creative Intelligence came out in 1972, the public relation aspects of the TM movement did not mention God or deities, but the inner circle of the movement and hard-core seekers were aware of the religious and devotional aspects of the TM practice.

People who were very active in the TM movement for decades seemingly bought into Maharishi’s ability to hear from God and also hoped to have their own experiences of God.

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