Plethora of enlightened?

When I wrote my book, I was unaware that there were so many gurus and non-gurus who were claiming to be enlightened. I wrote my book from recollection and reflection, and my recollection was that extremely few people professed that they had become enlightened.

After listening to a bunch of interviews on (Buddha at the Gas Pump) and YouTube recently, I was surprised to learn that a plethora of TMers and others have spoken out about their enlightenment.

I am willing to accept the possibility that enlightenment exists. Quite a few people speak convincingly about their enlightenment awakenings. However, there are also numerous things that make me skeptical.

In my book and my blog, I have written that there is no proof that a state of enlightenment exists. All of those interviews with the enlightened will be fodder for more musings in future blog posts.

I don’t intend to listen to the hundreds of interviews on, but I have already viewed some of them. Stay tuned.

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