Version 2.00 of book now available

Version 2.00 of My Enlightenment Delusion is a 217-page, 60,000-word book that was completed in December 2017 and contains the original material in Version 1.00 plus 7 additional chapters.

  • Chapter 13 contains a comparison of epileptic religiosity with kundalini crises and mania.
  • Chapter 21 juxtaposes spiritual experiences, psychedelic experiences, mania, near death experiences, and G-force induced loss of consciousness.
  • Chapter 22 discusses Robert Forman’s book Enlightenment Ain’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be and the unrealistic, rosy picture that enlightenment brings an end to all suffering.
  • Chapter 23 is devoted to looking at the disquieting aspects in the lives of Suzanne Segal, Ramana Maharshi, and Gopi Krishna who are all departed but continue to inspire many spiritual seekers.
  • Chapter 24 thoroughly describes the enlightenment experiences of 22 individuals and then offers a critique of their experience.

The book can be purchased on the Amazon website by going to

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