“Modern Love” and mania

Season 1 Episode 3 of Amazon Prime’s “Modern Love” offers an entertaining portrayal of the mania of Bipolar Disorder. Anne Hathaway stars in the episode which uses an ample artistic license to give a sense of the exuberance and false sense of reality that is experienced during mania. Other reviewers claim that this 34-minute episode is one of the best of the series.

I appreciated the depiction of the positive aspects of mania. Creativity, stamina, and boldness are some benefits of mania. Manic thoughts have a very powerful force impelling them to fruition, and therefore it is not surprising that some well-known artists, comedians, and politicians were thought to be manic.

The mania of my kundalini crisis had grandiose delusions, but Hathaway’s role did not. Hathaway depicted severe depression which I have never experienced. Despite the different causes of mania and the different nuances of mania, mania is never healthy.

I suspect that the people who think they are enlightened actually have mania, and over time they can learn to speak and act in a way that hides their innermost thoughts and delusions. I don’t doubt that they think they are enlightened. I doubt that a state of enlightenment exists.

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