Ginni Thomas’ story reminds me of myself

NBC News has a story about how Ginni Thomas seemed to successfully come out of a LifeSpring cult in 1985 and then worked to help others come out of cults. Yet, she accepted and acted upon statements from QAnon in 2020.

The article is at

The article mentions that what some people see as a cult is what others might see as a legitimate religion or legitimate spiritual expression.

The first thing from this story that reminds me of myself during my 1990 kundalini crisis was that I too believed things with an undeserved certainty. I had 17 years of Transcendental Meditation experiences and indoctrination under my belt. I thought that achieving enlightenment was the highest purpose and a laudable undertaking. I had no doubts at the time that I was enlightened, but I should have had doubts.

The NBC News story states: “One thing most agree on, though, is that people buy into the alternate reality that the anonymous “Q” was selling because they prefer it to the real one and wanted to be part of Q’s epic secret struggle against the forces of evil.”

How could a highly intelligent person like Ginni Thomas believe wild ideas from anonymous sources? Well, history has many examples of people believing outlandish things.

The second thing from this story that reminds me of myself during my kundalini crisis was my tendency to speak with the intensity of a firebrand preacher; I sometimes gave myself a sore throat. My mania and grandiose delusion impelled me to do things way out of character like give a lecture to someone who threw a cigarette butt on the parking lot of the post office. Before my kundalini crisis, I was a Type B personality, but I became Type A intense as I worked to “save the world”.

In a 1987 article about her time in a cult, Ginni Thomas was quoted: “My best friend came to visit me and I was preaching at her, using that tough attitude they teach you.”

It is not easy to convince intelligent people that they have a flaw in their thinking. Especially so, if they are in the midst of the mania of a kundalini crisis.

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