LSD, DMT, mushrooms, or meditation?


Some people like to compare psychedelic experiences to meditation/yogic experiences to legitimatize the use of psychedelics. However, this assumes that spiritual experiences from meditation/yoga are always healthy experiences. I am not willing to concede that spiritual experiences or psychedelic experiences are healthy.

In November 1971, I took my first step to become a spiritual seeker while in the library at my university. I started reading a book written by Theodore X. Barber that was entitled, LSD, Marihuana, Yoga, and Hypnosis. I was interested in knowing about drug experiences.

I was very intrigued with Barber’s opinion that although LSD may be a way to a higher knowledge of God and reality, these experiences would be a shock that could not be easily integrated into one’s life. Barber wrote that yoga was a way to gradually build oneself up to have the same sort of experiences so that they could be integrated into one’s life.

Before reading Barber’s book, I was a naïve, youthful agnostic. After reading it, I was a naïve seeker of God and meaningful life experiences. I became interested in meditation.

Barber’s comments about a divine shock from using drugs make sense. However, many people practicing meditation and yoga have also experienced shock from a kundalini crisis that disrupts their lives and that sometimes leads to the mental hospital. Go to my kundalini page to read accounts of kundalini crises that disrupted lives for years.

Psychedelic and kundalini episodes can be over-whelming experiences for the mind and body. Thoughts that come during those episodes are, as if, illumined 1000 times more than normal and imprinted in memory 1000 times more deeply than normal. They can do much more than just rock the boat of life.

The underlying physiology of psychedelic episodes and kundalini crises is probably similar to the physiology of psychotic mania that underlies euphoria and the grandiose delusions involving God and other spiritual themes. That doesn’t seem like something that one should aim for.

Using psychedelics is playing with fire. Extreme spiritual practices are also playing with fire.


The benefits of LSD, DMT, psychedelic mushrooms, and extreme spiritual practices are not worth the risks.

Feeling good in life is great! Arranging your life to feel good is much safer than shooting for the moon with psychedelics, meditation, or other attempts to awaken kundalini.

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One thought on “LSD, DMT, mushrooms, or meditation?

  1. An Indian former yogi, Rabindranath Maharaj, has written an enlightening book: “Death of a Guru”
    He is warning people against practicing eastern methods. He compared his inner yoga experiences as the same as the drug users he later met in England. They are all false glimpses which can fool people to believe they are enlightened, but they are not.
    Martinus a Danish man who got Cosmic Consciousness natural way he wrote about what he meant the Eastern training methods are as trying to find artificial ways:

    “If the faculty of intuition is forced to advance in an artificial way it will, to a corresponding extent, get ahead of the step in evolution that is otherwise normal for the beginnings of intuition. The being thereby gets cosmic glimpses before it has reached the normal step in evolution for receiving intuitive glimpses or personally experienced cosmic knowledge. The moral stability and nervous constitution necessary for being able to receive cosmic glimpses in a normal way has in such a case not been developed in the being. The cosmic glimpses can therefore very easily damage the nerves and mentality of the being.
    The impact of cosmic glimpses fills the being up with great spiritual power. This spiritual power seeks release through the being’s mentality or thought-world If the being, because of its lack of development, does not have sufficient humility, but on the contrary is vain and hungers to be something great in the eyes of others, and its honesty is not sufficiently stabilised either, these unfinished aspects will be channels for the cosmic forces in the being’s manifestation towards its surroundings. It here becomes apparent that these divine forces, which to the highest degree are intended to lead beings towards the light, are characterised to a very high degree by the being’s lack of humility and are therefore characterised to a correspondingly high degree by the being’s vanity and selfadulation. Sensing these strong forces can actually lead the beings in the worst case to the autosuggestion that they perceive themselves as Christ or as another high spiritual being, as a new messiah or world saviour or in some other way believe that they should carry out a very great spiritual mission. Such a mistake leads to unpleasant effects for the being, perhaps to total nervous breakdown. One must on no account believe that one can acquire higher cosmic abilities in an artificial way and in so doing take a short-cut to cosmic consciousness or the great ultimate result -the finished human being in God’s image after his likeness.
    There is absolutely only one single way to the light, and that is the way of humility and neighbourly love. There is no shorter or longer way whatsoever to the light or the great birth than this divine way. No being whatsoever can arrive at the great ultimate result of life with more ease or more difficulty than other beings. Everyone must absolutely go through the same to become the same.” From his book: The Eternal World Picture II p.72-73

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