Who has more spiritual, celestial-type experiences?

I observed that the people who seemed to have the deepest, most profound experiences in meditation were often people who were not stable emotionally. Similarly, the people who had the ability to see auras were usually people who didn’t have both feet on the ground.

When people hear of flashy spiritual experiences that they themselves are not having, they might become envious or dispirited. I would like to change their attitude so they feel fortunate that they are stable. I think they should feel sorry for people who have flashy experiences, and they should feel sorry for people who are seeking flashy experiences.

I reckon that the highest human experience is just feeling good. Flashy experiences in meditation and flashy celestial-type experiences in activity might seem nice, but I think that there will be hell to pay later. Flashy experiences and peak experiences often come to people who are not stable mentally, emotionally, or physically.

Larry Wardwell shared a similar observation in his book, Confessions of a Closet Yogi. Larry wrote: “After years of listening to people on these long rounding courses get up to the microphone and tell Maharishi and the audience about some truly astonishing experiences, I noticed that some of the folks who had the celestial visions and very clear experience of being at one with the universe were not the most stable or integrated individuals I had ever met.”

Immediately after seeing an afternoon matinee of the 1983 movie, Terms of Endearment, I had one of the deepest, most profound meditations of my life. This movie was a tear-jerker, and I now hypothesize that my emotional swings during the movie primed me to have a flashy experience in meditation. Apparently, going through swings of emotion made my experience seem more profound.

Here’s another example of a flashy experience during an emotionally trying time: A meditator was crestfallen while a family member was on his deathbed. When the meditator looked at her hand, she saw light beaming out the ends of her fingertips.

Some people who are having flashy spiritual experiences are urgently seeking enlightenment and not leading a balanced life.

Some other people who have so-called flashy spiritual experiences may have an unhealthy, delicate physiology unrelated to spiritual practices or desires, but their physiology is conducive to flashy experiences.


I think that flashy spiritual experiences and kundalini crises are signs of ill health.

Subjective experiences are not always what they seem. For example, some people are in mental hospitals because they think they are God.

Sometimes subjective experiences are good for self-esteem and confidence, but if the experiences are delusional the negative repercussions will outweigh the positive aspects.

My blog post on 22 enlightenment experiences offers more examples of the type of people who are more likely to have flashy spiritual experiences.

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