Self-esteem fodder for kundalini sufferers

Here is some self-esteem fodder for kundalini sufferers who are beginning to think that their symptoms are not enlightenment-related or healthy:

  • Being a kundalini sufferer, you are an exceptional, unusual person. Very few people experience a kundalini crisis or spiritual crisis.
  • Recognizing your own delusion is something that very few people have done. It is very difficult to self-detect one’s own delusion.
  • You are thinking for yourself. You are not accepting what you are told about kundalini from the first person who speaks. You examined different points of view and made your own viewpoint.
  • You are bucking the advice of many gurus and kundalini counselors. They seem to reinforce delusions and mania by stating that a kundalini crisis indicates spiritual growth and that one should continue on a spiritual path.
  • You realize that recovering from a kundalini crisis is not easy. You are willing to persist in life activities that will “ground” you.
  • You are willing to consider new ideas. You realize that you may be re-examining some spiritual principles which have previously guided your life. You will be patient with yourself. Instead of being rigid, you will be open-minded to consider different points of view, and then you will apply your critical thinking skills.

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